Jewelry Making

So, these jewelry are that i made before.The first one is a bracelet and a peal necklace, but the peal necklace wasn't solid and i wanted to repair. Then i found it will be good together with retro shell bracelet. Shells are glasses with color, red, marine, brown and emerald green. They looks like candies...:)

I'll explain for two charms that you can see in front. Materials are woods. The form of fish, i sculptured and colored in gold, the form of surf i colored in cream white with acrylic paint. Then i finished coating with varnish. I used to wear with a long black string.
Beads bracelet with flowers, my sister made it for me. The next one, i made also with beads, then i added a silver metal charm. The next one was easy to make, i just bought a red string and put a clasp. The silver charm is from Bretagne (France), which i bought when i was little.

From the left, it's an gold pearl necklace that my mom made it, and i put a crystal heart charm. The next one, i just bought a “LOVE” charm and put with a gold chain. The next is a gold beads necklace with a charm old coin of France (20 cent). I bought it on bazer in Hiroshima. Thing you see on up is a ring which i made with a button and a wire. The button is a plastic but looks classic.

This one was quite, failure. Ribbon was little bit short. But it was simple to make it, i sew some pearls on black ribbon. It looks cute with a sweater or a dress.

 The black balls, i actually bought a long version, but i changed it to short. Also little black balls, i took from the another necklace. The last one is an old coin of Edo periode (1600-1800) in 1636. I received from my grandfather. But you know, he's not from Edo periode :D 
For the necklace, i used a red string and turquoise stone. This one looks better in summer. Please describe or any question if you like it !

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