Music Live at Fnac

Yvan Franel

 Have you ever heard about a band, “Stevans”? If you don't, i have to talk about them.
I went to see a mini music live of Stevans with my friends. It's a story about a year ago in Geneva (09 October 2010). The music live was in a book store “Fnac” at Rive. Stevans are  pop-rock band from Switzerland. The vocal, guitar and keyboard are Yvan Franel, the bass guitar is Bruno Tancredi, and the drum is John Chirico. Their activities started from 2003 at Geneva, then they realeased the first album in 2006. The second album was realeased in 2010, january 22.
 In this concert, there was only the vocalist, Yvan. Very short video that i took, he's singing a song of “Monday's Wedding”. At the end, he sang a song of Oasis, ( Wonderwall )that he has respect for them. I could'nt take another video, cuz memory of my camera wasn't enough. Let's chek it out the music video of “Monday's Wedding”.

“Monday's Wedding”

Second Album “Fake” 2010

“Vodka Red Girls”

 After the concert, we could buy CD, so my friend bought. She and i wanted to have his autographe, and he signed on the CD jacket that my friend bought it. At first when he saw us, he said “Konichiwa...!”(Means to say hello in japanese). We were happy that he recognized as we are japaneses. I didn't buy CD, but i also asked for autographe on my camera, cuz i hadn't other things. He was suprised when i asked for my camera:) I regreted it because, now it disappeared...! But it's okay, i have a good memory :)

 “Morning Daze of Mad Alien

(Yvan Franel, John Chirico, Bruno Tancredi)

* I know that my english is not enough so you can tell me...!

Stevans Offcial Site:

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