Lyon "Fête des lumières" =光の祭り

I remember about one year ago when i went to Lyon in France (10/10/12). There was a festival of the Lights in the city, and i went with my friend to visit a family that we met in Japan. In the first picture, you see an hotel, "Hôtel-Dieu". The city was full of lights and beautiful.

This year was a festival with Japanese lights:

The show with the green light

Birds illuminations were look like a Japanese crane origami...

Two momen look at me when i took picture. Hot wine in cold winter is great ! I did'nt try it but 2 euro is a good price...:)

Making crepe nutellaaaa!!


Apple candies, Waffles ( Pomme d'amour et gauffres )....*

I can't remember...i think it was a cake of dug with tomato sauce and salad.

Cuisine Lyonnaise...!

Sausage and mashed potatoes....and the end was chocolate cake with creme anglaise. Every cooks were awesome...:)

Modern Art

Second days, we walked around in the city in St-Etienne. It is near from Lyon. The building on the picture is a building of  an architect " Le Corbusier ". He was born in Switzerland and did activities in France. He is also printing on 10 frs note in Swiss.

Chistmas market and all decorations....

On the train at Lyon. The next one, you see the name of the station, " Saxe Gambetta ". It's make laugh for Japanese this name. We can read : Sexe gambatta. which means "I tried hard for sex"....lol

I present some specialities of Lyon.

Quenelles is a mixture of creamed fish, chicken or meat. The first one is a chocolate formed of Quenelles.
Explanation from wikipedia:

"There are many ways to prepare quenelles de brochet, but most recipes first prepare a panade, essentially a white sauce, then combine the panade with fish, and put the mixture through a sieve, yielding a farce. The quenelles are formed from the farce and poached. They may be served sauced and grilled, or with a variety of sauces."

I bought "praliné "at the station. It's coating with a red sugar.

This is a tart with praliné...mmm

 I also tried a bread ( bun ) with praline. The bakery " Paul " is also in Japan. They make a real bread...!

Beautiful sight...!

We stayed only for 2 days, so we could'nt see many places in the city. I want to visit again someday. Now i think, you want to go to Lyon...!

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