L' OCCITANE en Provence

A Gift from L'OCCITANE !

This is a present which i got in my birthday last friday. I'm so happy to got from my friend :) Maybe everyone knows this cosmetic brand from France.
L'OCCITANE's products are really good quality and natural i think, but it's bit expensive in Japan. BUT it's very popular here ! If you are thinking to buy something for Chirstmas present to your friends or your family, this gift is perfect....!

From the front of left to right, body cream, body jelly, hand cream and perfumed soap. All parfums are lemon and clementine. Usually, citrus are not my favorite parfums, but this one smell so good...! Smells natural and fresh.

I used this body cream after bath. It melt into a skin and hydrate. And I bring everywhere the hand cream, it's necessary for winter...! If you're also interested in these products, let's go to L'OCCITANE and try it...**
J'adore L'OCCITANE !

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